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May 10

Time: 5:30

Topic: Jeopardy Night

Location: CBRE's downtown offices at 1021 West Hastings Suite 2500

We are going to cap off this season with something fun and a little different. Naz Ali at CBRE has offered to host an evening of Jeopardy with a GIS and geography theme: 5:30 - 7:00 PM PT Wednesday May 10th.

There will be food and drink and prizes! For logistical reasons this event will be in person only. (There will be no Zoom component.)

Attendance will be limited to 24.

Sign up via this link,

There will be a waiting list for those not quick enough to be among the lucky first two dozen.

If your schedule should change after you have signed up, please cancel through the same link to open your spot for the next person on the waiting list.

Here are the directions to the event:

CBRE Limited (located in MNP Tower)
1021 West Hastings Street, Suite 2500

Press ‘25’ on any numeric pad on the main floor which will indicate the elevator number to take to the 25th floor. There will be signs on the 25th floor to lead you to the main boardroom.

The main door to the building and the elevators are open until 6 pm.